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Abstract Tech Inc offers a full range of hacking and asset recovery services through specialized business intelligence gathering and conmpetent professionals.
At Abstract Tech Inc, we do things a little differently. We offer the same level of experience and expertise as you would expect to find any where in the world, with state-of-the-art case management technology, taking the time to get to know our clients and treat them as individuals.
We work with private individuals, giving them legal advice and support that is totally bespoke to them and their situation. We don’t believe in simply handing out one-size-fits-all solutions to problems. With your help we will dissect your situation so that we understand every element before designing the best and most cost-effective way of getting you to the outcome you want.
Experience has taught us to be enterprising, entrepreneurial and tenacious and we will use all of those qualities to help you achieve your goals. We provide full asset across the following industries : Binary Options, Forex, CryptoCurrencies & Investment Fraud.

    Our Mission
Abstract Tech Inc was founded for the purpose of protecting people world wide against any online fraud, in particular, Unregulated Forex and Binary Option Brokers.
They have already claimed millions of victims world wide, Our company is comprised out of people that used to work in the options and forex industry and people with knowledge of international banking and cyber crimes.
Our Leverage is the ability to damage their processing and banking funnels. If needed we will take every single company to court and you will not suffer the expense.
Also provision of high tech hacking services to restabilize and restructure your life.


Binary Options

Binary options involve betting on whether financial assets, such as shares, commodities, currencies or other securities will go up or down in value in a specific time period. The time for the option to ‘mature’ is short, it can be as little as a minute.

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Hacking refers to activities that seek to compromise digital devices, such as computers, smartphones, tablets, and even entire networks

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Practice Areas


*credit score repair *emails hack (corporate, business, private and public). *social media accounts, database, school hacks. *advanced hacking methods *keylogging *malware and rootkits secrets & solutions *computer forensics

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* binary options recovery * crypto loss recovery * ico loss recovery * forex loss recovery

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* Hacking tutorials * Basic Chargeback tutorials * Investment tutorials

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Hack Consultation

Kindly book a consultation to have a personal tech assistant assigned to you for inquires and information.

  • Category: Consultations
  • Duration: 01:00 Hours


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Recovery consultation Plans


  • Reviewing your case
  • Collecting all relevant evidence
  • Recommended For cases below $ 2,000
  • A one time payment for recovery process by our team of hackers.
  • $50 -100 charge for extensions may apply if needed


  • Reviewing your case.
  • Collecting all relevant evidence
  • Planning your case by our very best hackers in the team
  • Consult for Co responding and negotiating for best result
  • A reduced fee estimated between 4,000- 15,000 USD and an additional percentage on a contingency basis (usually around 30%); the fee to be paid for the recovery process.
  • Recommended For cases above $50,000


The Buying and Selling Trick

The Buying and Selling Trick

Juliana saw this promotion ad, giving bonus for depositing and trading crypto-currency, she thought that by depositing money

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The Pump and Dump Trick.

The Pump and Dump Trick.

Gina got a text one day, when she opened the message she read about an offer to join a group of investors that want to buy a large amount of a small Alt-Coin for a low price

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The Exchange Trick

The Exchange Trick

After hearing about the bitcoin rise, Lisa wanted to join the party and was looking for an exchange that will let her buy Bitcoin, unfortunately, she saw an ad on facebook that directed her to an “investment company”

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The Recovery Know-how

The Recovery Know-how

In the Binary Options industry there are hundreds of companies and let me tell you something that you might don’t know, a lot of them are actually owned by the same people

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We specialize in Hacking Services with the best methods.

If you want a phone consultation


How To Identify a Binary Options Scam?

You have received a bonus. You won on the demo account. Now it is time to play for real…
The trader is pushing you to start with a 500 usd deposit by credit card. You trust this so called specialist and surprise you won !
Time to play big !
You want to buy this house of your dreams, or to have enough savings for college for your kids…
You start wiring them funds. You win a trade you loose a trade – Between 3 to 8 months you don’t have any more savings and you may have even created debts. You don’t blame them, you think that it is your fault.
It is not your fault !
If the deal is “all or nothing”, it’s a game of chance not a financial product. Even when you earn “virtual” gains, you
cannot cash out the rewards.
No matters what the website is and if the lady on the phone is nice, you fall into the hands of a fraudulent company, pretending to offer financial services which in fact is just a game.
Of course, depositing your money is easy with any company you signup with, yet the withdrawal process might quickly become impossible if you signup with the wrong broker.
Why ?
First your deposit is already used for marketing purpose and to attract more « investors », second they know that you will lose anyway – If you got hurt by one of those fellows, please If you got hurt by one of those fellows, please

I have been scammed by binary options, what do I do?

First of all relax and breath, I know where you are coming from, I know that you might feel angry or stupid maybe even naïve, take a moment and listen to what I’m telling you – this is not in any way your fault.
In some cases we can get your money back, though it is not always possible.
We can help you try and get your money back, using my extensive experience and knowledge of the binary trading world. we know all their tricks, which comes in handy when we fight for you.

Can you make money while trading in Binary Options ?

Not with any brokerage firm I am familiar with, and I know quite a few.
You may be able to make money by yourself, but it is my experience that if you take the guidance of the brokers you might lose in the end. The loss rate is 70%.

What is a chargeback?

The charge that is returned to the customer after his dispute application to the credit card company was successful.
A chargeback can be made only if the customer deposited the funds for the trading through a credit card or debit card.
You can’t charge back a wire transfer.
There are a lot of reasons for a chargeback, with each reason code having a different time frame, supporting documents, rights, terms and conditions.

Is it possible to a win a charge back claim against Binary Options company?

Yes, there are actions that the binary option company takes that that can be used against them in this process.
If the case is solid we can also use the mistakes they made to reach a settlement with them.
There are a lot of reasons for a chargeback, with each reason code having a different time frame, supporting documents, rights, terms and conditions.

After making a deposit what is the time frame in-which chargeback is possible?

Average time frame is 120 days from the day of the deposit.

Is it possible to get my money back?

Absolutely. Contact us today and we will inspect your case to see if we can help you recover your loses.